2.16.26. file_MakeDirectory

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This function is a bit out of the line of the other functions in this module. This function uses the file_mkdir function to create a directory. The difference is that this function tries to create a directory recursively. For example you can create the directory


with a simple call and the function will create the directories /usr if it did not exist, then /usr/bin and finally /usr/bin/scriba The function fails if the directory can not be created because of access restrictions or because the directory path or a sub path already exists, and is not a directory.

The argument of the function is the name of the desired directory.

The function alters the argument replacing each \ character to /

The argument may end with / since v1.0b30

If the argument is a Windows full path including the drive letter, like 'C:' the function tries to create the directory 'C:', which fails, but ignores this error because only the last creation in the line down the directory path is significant.

In case of error, the argument may totally be destroyed.

int file_MakeDirectory(char *pszDirectoryName

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