2.2.4. reader_ReadLines_r()

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This function reads the lines of a file and creates a linked list of the read lines.

int reader_ReadLines_r(pReadObject pRo,
                       char *szFileName,
                       pSourceLine *pLine
The file is identified by its name given in the string variable szFileName. The file is opened by the function pointed by pRo->fpOpenFile This function should return a void pointer and this void pointer is passed to @xref{reader_gets()} (reader_gets) to get a single character.

The argument pLine is a pointer to a SourceLine pointer. The linked list lines read will be chained into this pointer. The last read line will be followed by the line pointed by *pLine and *pLine will point to the first line.

This design makes it easy to use and elegant to perform file inclusions. The caller has to pass the address of the pointer field next of the source line after which the file is to be inserted.

See also ReadLines that calls this function.

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