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This function is called from @xref{lex_DoLexicalAnalysis()} to remove the lexical elements from the list of tokens that were denoted by the preprocessors to be deleted.

Some lexical elements are used to give information to some of the preprocessors. These tokens should be deleted, because later processing can not deal with them and confuses syntax analysis.

In those cases the preprocessor should set the type of the token to be LLEX_T_SKIP or LEX_T_SKIP_SYMBOL. The type LEX_T_SKIP should be used in case the token is handled due to ProcessLexSymbol preprocessor command and LEX_T_SKIP otherwise.

When the type is set LEX_T_SKIP_SYMBOL the lexical analyzer knows to release the string holding the symbol. If the type is LEX_T_SKIP only the token record is released.

If the symbol string is not released due to erroneously setting the type to LEX_T_SKIP instead LEX_T_SKIP_SYMBOL the memory will not be released until the interpreter finishes pre execution steps. So usually if you do not know how to set the type to skip a token LEX_T_SKIP is safe.

void lex_RemoveSkipSymbols(pLexObject pLex

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