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This function should be used to evaluate an array access to get the actual value. This is called by @xref{execute_Evaluate()}.

An array is stored in the expression as an operator with many operands. The first operand is a local or global variable, the rest of the operators are the indices.

Associative arrays are normal arrays, only the access mode is different. When accessing an array using the fom a{key@} then the access searches for the value key in the evenly indexed elements of the array and gives the next index element of the array. This if

a[0] = "kakukk"
a[1] = "birka"
a[2] = "kurta"
a[3] = "mamus"

then a{"kakukk"@} is "birka". a{"birka"@} is undef. a{"kurta"@} is "mamus".

pFixSizeMemoryObject execute_EvaluateSarray(pExecuteObject pEo,
                                      unsigned long lExpressionRootNode,
                                      pMortalList pMyMortal,
                                      int *piErrorCode

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