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This function should be used to convert a variable to long. The conversion is usually done in place. However strings can not be converted into long in place, because they have different size. In such a case a new variable is created. If the mortal list pMyMortal is NULL then the new variable in not mortal. In such a case care should be taken to release the original variable.

Usually there is a mortal list and a new mortal variable is generated. In such a case the original value is also a mortal and is automatically released after the command executing the conversion is finished.

Note that strings are converted to long in two steps. The first step converts the string to double and then this value is converted to long in-place.

pFixSizeMemoryObject execute_Convert2Long(pExecuteObject pEo,
                                          pFixSizeMemoryObject pVar,
                                          pMortalList pMyMortal

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