4.5.269. basext_GetArgsF()

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This function can be used to get arguments simple and fast in extension modules. All functionality of this function can be individually programmed using the besXXX macros. Here it is to ease the programming of extension modules for most of the cases.

This function should be called like

  iError = besGETARGS "ldz",&l1,&d1,&s besGETARGE

The macro besGETARGS (read GET ARGument Start) hides the complexity of the function call and the macro besGETARGE (read Get ARGument End) simply closes the function call.

The first argument is format string. Each character specifies how the next argument should be treated.

int basext_GetArgsF(pSupportTable pSt,
                    pFixSizeMemoryObject pParameters,
                    char *pszFormat,
The following characters are recognized:

The return value of the function is zero in case there is no error or the error code.

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