10.1. Print

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The print statement can either print to a file or to the standard output, which is usually the terminal window. If no file number is specified after the keyword the statement print prints to the screen. It takes a list of expressions, formats them and prints the values to the screen.

print "haho!"
print "hahaho!"
print "kukac\n"
print "oooh"
print "The number is ",number

The list of expression is one or more expressions separated by commas. Old implementations of the BASIC language used ; for that and inserted a space between the printed item. These old BASIC languages used the comma as list separator to put the next printed item on the next tab position. There is nothing like that in ScriptBasic. The comma simply separates the list elements, which are printed adjacent. Comma does not insert space between them and does not position on tab. ; as list separator is not allowed.

In case you want to position something in tab position you can

print "hello\ttab"

use the \t escaped character.

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