2.2. Running CGI programs

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Although this topic should have been out of the scope of this documentation it is described here in detail because of its importance. Several users want to run ScriptBasic programs as CGI scripts.

Running CGI programs is just the same as running command line programs if you are experienced configuring your web server. The major difference is that it is the web server that starts the command line program and not the shell (or command.exe).

Under UNIX you can start a ScriptBasic program the same way as any other CGI scripts. The very first line of BASIC program should be

#! /usr/bin/scriba

assuming that the executable code is called scriba and it is placed in the directory /usr/bin. The text file containing the code should also be executable for the user who runs the CGI scripts. This user is usually called nobody. You may say

$ chmod a+x hello.bas

to give all users execute permission. This may impose security questions that we do not discuss here. You should really know what you are doing.

On Windows NT using Internet Information Server the situation is different. Here you have to associate the extension with the executable of ScriptBasic. Note that this is not the same association as the one that allows the explorer to run the program when you double click on it. You have to configure the association in the Internet Service Manager configuration program.

You can also execute BASIC programs in the Eszter SB Application Engine to generate web applications. In this case the Eszter SB Application Engine has to be started from the command line or as a daemon under UNIX or installed as a service under Windows NT. The BASIC programs are executed inside the engine without starting a new process unlike in CGI and thus execution is faster. Nevertheless the programs on the BASIC programming level feel as if they were CGI programs, thus CGI programs can be executed this way without any modification.

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