25.101. KILL(pid)

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This function kills (terminates) a process given by the pid and returns true if the process was successfully killed. Otherwise it returns false.

Programs usually want to kill other processes that were started by themselves (by the program I mean) and do not stop. For example you can start an external program using the BASIC command EXECUTE to run up to a certain time. If the program does not finish its work and does not stop during this time then that program that started it can assume that the external program failed and got into an infinite loop. To stop this external program the BASIC program should use the function KILL.

The BASIC program however can try to kill just any process that runs on the system not only those that were started by the program. It can be successful if the program has the certain permissions to kill the given process.

You can use this function along with the functions SYSTEM and EXECUTE. You can list the processes currently running on an NT box using some of the functions of the module NT.

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