25.157. SET FILE filename parameter=value

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Set some of the parameters of a file. The parameter can be:

If the command can not be executed an error is raised. Note that setting the file owner also depends on the file system. For example FAT file system does not store the owner of a file and thus can not be set.

Also setting the file time on some file system may be unsuccessful for values that are successful under other file systems. This is because different file systems store the file times using different possible start and end dates and resolution. For example you can set a file to hold the creation time to be January 1, 1970 0:00 under NTFS, but not under FAT.

The different file systems store the file times with different precision. Thus the actual time set will be the closest time not later than the specified in the command argument. For this reason the values returned by the functions File***Time may not be the same that was specified in the SET FILE command argument.

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