25.165. SQR

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Calculates the square root of the argument.

If the result is within the range of an integer value on the actual architecture then the result is returned as an integer, otherwise it is returned as a real value.

SQR(undef) is undef or raises an error if the option RaiseMatherror is set in bit sbMathErrUndef.

If the argument is a negative number the result of the function is undef or the function raises error if the option RaiseMathError has the bit sbMathErrDiv set.

If the square root of the argument is an integer number then the function returns an integer number. In other cases the returned value is real even if the argument itself is integer.

Note that this function has the opposite meaning in the language PASCAL, namely the square of the number. This may cause some problem if you are experienced in PASCAL programming. In that language SQRT notes the square root> of a number.

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