25.20. CHDIR directory

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Change the current working directory (CWD). This command accepts one argument, the directory which has to be the CWD after the command is executed. If the CWD can not be changed to that directory then an error is raised.

Pay careful attention when you use this command in your code. Note that there is only one CWD for each process and not one for each thread. When an application embeds the BASIC interpreter in a multi-thread environment, like in the Eszter SB Application Engine this command may alter the CWD for all the threads.

For this reason the Eszter SB Application Engine switches off this command, raising error if ever a program executed in the engine calls this command whatever argument is given.

Thus usually BASIC programs should avoid calling this command unless the programmer is certain that the BASIC program will only be executed in a single thread environment (command line).

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