25.27. CONF("conf.key")

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This function can be used to retrieve ScriptBasic configuration parameters. This is rarely needed by general programmers. This is needed only for scripts that maintain the ScriptBasic setup, for example install a new module copying the files to the appropriate location.

The argument "conf.key" should be the configuration key string. If this key is not on the top level then the levels should be separated using the dot chatacter, like conf("preproc.internal.dbg") to get the debugger DLL or SO file.

The return value of the function is the integer, real or string value of the configuration value. If the key is not defined or if the system manager set the key to be hidden (see later) then the function will raise an error

(0): error &H8:The argument passed to a module function is out of the accepted range.

Some of the configuration values are not meant to be readable for the BASIC programs for security reasons. A typical example is the database connection password. The system manager can insert extra "dummy" configuration keys that will prevent the BASIC program to get the actual value of the configuration key. The extra configuration key has to have the same name as the key to be hidden with a $ sign prepended to it.

For example the MySQL connection named test has the connection password under the key mysql.connections.test.password. If the key in the compiled configuration file mysql.connections.test.$password exists then the BASIC function conf() will result error. The value of this extra key is not taken into account.

The system manager can configure whole configuration branches to be hidden from the BASIC programs. For example the configuration key mysql.connections.$test defined with any value will prevent access of BASIC programs to any argument of the connection named test. Similarly the key mysql.$connections will prevent access to any configuration value of any MySQL connections if defined and finally the key $mysql will stop BASIC programs to discover any MySQL configuration information if defined.

The current implementation does not examine the actual value of the extra security key. However later implementations may alter the behaviour of this function based on the value of the key. To remain compatible with later versions it is recommended that the extra security key is configured to have the value 1.

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