3.1.1. Installation under Windows from source

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To install from sources you have to compile ScriptBasic first. The process of compilation under Windows operating system is defined in the Developersí Guide. Note that the Developersí Guide may not be up to date lacking this chapter.

ScriptBasic does not require installation to use the basic features. Installation and configuration is required to enable ScriptBasic to use advanced features like, loading external modules.

After compilation you can run the BASIC program `install.sb' using the freshly compiled executable `scriba.exe'. This program will partially install ScriptBasic into a directory. To start the program use the command file `install.cmd'.

After you have done this you may want to alter the system PATH to include the directory where the executable is. In case you use the default installation directory this is


On Windows 2000 to do it click on the start button, control panel, system. Choose the tab Advanced and then the middle button with the text Environment Variables...

Select the variable Path either from User variables of from System variables. Press the button Edit..., press "Home" to get to the start of the line and type the directory of the ScriptBasic binaries, like C:\ScriptBasic\bin;. Do not delete any of the characters already in the edit box, and do not forget the separating semicolon.

You can find a file `scriba.conf' in this directory. This is the configuration file of ScriptBasic. Do NOT try to edit this file using notepad. This is a binary format file created using the ScriptBasic command line option `-k'. If you want to change any configuration options edit the file `scriba.conf.lsp' and generate the new `scriba.conf' file typing the command line:

C:\ScriptBasic\bin> scriba -k scriba.conf.lsp 

When ScriptBasic starts it searches for the configuration file in the same directory where the executable is (this is a Windows only feature). If you want to store the configuration file in a different directory then use the registry editor and set the key


to hold the full path file name of the configuration file (not the text version but the converted binary).

After the successful installation run some test programs.

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