7.1. Compilation under Windows NT

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Currently Visual C command line cl and Borland command line bcc32 compilers are supported.

There are two command files that you can find in the bin directory under the installation directory. These are `bascl.cmd' to automate the compilation using the Microsoft compiler and `basbcc32' to automate the compilation using the Borland compiler.

The `bin' directory also contains the files `libscriba.lib' and `libscriba.obj' to be used by the Microsoft compiler and linker, as well as `libscriba_omg.lib' and `libscriba_omg.obj' to be used by the Borland compiler and linker.

The content of the file `bascl.cmd':

scriba -n -Co %1.c %1.bas
cl /Ox /GA6s /DWIN32 /MT /nologo /W0 /c /Fo%1.obj %1.c
cl /Ox /GA6s /DWIN32 /MT /nologo /W0 /Fe%1.exe %1.obj \ScriptBasic\bin\libscriba.obj \ScriptBasic\bin\libscriba.lib ws2_32.lib advapi32.lib

The content of the file `bascbcc32.cmd':

scriba -n -Co %1.c %1.bas
bcc32 -5 -c -o%1.obj %1.c
bcc32 %1.obj \ScriptBasic\bin\libscriba_omg.obj \ScriptBasic\bin\libscriba_omg.lib

This is the content as the files are installed. In case you have more than one disk, or the installation directory is not `\ScriptBasic' you may need to edit the file you intend to use replacing the \ScriptBasic\bin\ with the actual directory where the object and library files are. It is recommended that you also edit the disk drive letter into the full path so that the command script works in case the actual working directory is on a different disk than the one where ScriptBasic is installed.

The reason that there are two different object and library files for the two different compilers is that these compilers support different object and library format. Microsoft supports the COFF format, while the free compiler available from Borland supports only OMG format. Although there is a coff2omg converter available from Borland that works only for library files that are DLL wrapper libraries and not for object files or for library files containing actual code.

These object and the library files contain the same code with the exception that they were created using different compilers.

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