9.3. Numbers

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There are two types of numbers in ScriptBasic:

The integer numbers can be used to represent integral values, while real numbers can be used to represent number that have fractional part or are too large to store as integer. The integer numbers are stored in a memory location of size equivalent to a long of the programming language C. The real numbers are stored internally as C double.

Number constants can be used in the basic program in the usual format. Integer numbers are represented in either decimal or hexadecimal format. Decimal numbers contain only digits. Hexadecimal numbers start with the characters 0x or 0X and are followed by hexadecimal digits. The format that many basic implementation follows using the &H characters to start a hexadecimal number is also allowed. When a number contains a # character inside, like 2#110111 then the number preceding the # is the RADIX of the number and the characters following the # is the number in the given radix. Because the limited number of characters in the ABC the RADIX can go from 2 to 36 only. The following numbers are valid integer constants in ScriptBasic:

There is no internal difference between decimal and hexadecimal numbers for ScriptBasic. The lexical analyzer converts both format to internal representation and stores the value of the number. In other words wherever you are allowed to use a decimal number you are allowed to use a hexadecimal number or any radix number as well. You should decide whether to use decimal or hexadecimal or any other radix number for your convenience taking care of BASIC source code readability.

Real number constants can only be decimal and may contain fractional and exponential part. The followings are valid real number constants:


2.3e7 2.3E+7

Note that the exponent part is preceded by the character e or E and is followed optionally be a sign. The number 1. is a real number and is stored in a C double internally although it could be integer. ScriptBasic will store this number as a real number. However real numbers are automatically converted to integer values whenever ScriptBasic needs an integer value.

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