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Ok, I'm trying for a full day now to get sbhttpd to work on my windows system.
Can anyone give me full step by step instructions on how to get it to work? Including all things I have to install and configure additionally...

Thanx in advance


This is my tutorial how to bring up SBHTTPD under Windows, Apache and MySQL.

As mentioned in the private e-mail, get MySQL working with the console interpreter (scriba) before using sbhttpd as a proxy server with Apache.


I got it to work so far.. but as mentioned in my email, I want to test the raw capabilities of sbhttp without Apache and MySQL.... so, I have the server working so far without those two things... it is responding to requests.. but when I request a file, it always returns an error like:

Error has happened in the code
C:\scriptbasic\htdocs\app-bin\echo.bas: error &H76:syntax error, no syntax defintion matches the line or syntax defintion does not match the line

What do I have to do to fix that little last issue?

Thanx in advance...

A few things to check.

Make sure your home directory in the config points to your app-bin directory. You are regenerating the binary format of the config with each change, correct? You are restarting sbhttpd each time you change the config, correct?

Keep in mind that sbhttpd doesn't process anything but Basic programs so images need to be served up by Apache.

Try a "Hello World" like CGI program first and then move on to echo.bas and beyond.

You could try running your echo.bas with scriba as a standard CGI script. (make sure it is in a executable cgi-bin directory in this case)

As an option, I offer setup and support services (fee based) if working through this on your own is getting frustrating. I remember my first time getting sbhttpd going and drove Peter Verhas nuts.  :)


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