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What is inside a DLL
« on: May 08, 2010, 12:32:39 PM »
I have not worked with DLL's directly before
What I was wanting is to find out what is in any DLL
Lets pick cio.dll as an example
how can I find what commands / functions are inside


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Re: What is inside a DLL
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2010, 02:45:43 PM »
The ScriptBasic extension module DLLs are API and 3rd party interfaces with a tight integration with the ScriptBasic API. This gives ScriptBasic users a high level or Basic like interface to external functionality. ScriptBasic is well documented and the source is free to explore.

CIO Documentation

Code: Text
  1. module cio
  3. declare sub ::gotoxy        alias "gotoxy"     lib "cio"
  4. declare sub ::kbhit         alias "sbkbhit"    lib "cio"
  5. declare sub ::getch         alias "sbgetch"    lib "cio"
  6. declare sub ::getche        alias "sbgetche"   lib "cio"
  7. declare sub ::detach        alias "sbdetach"   lib "cio"
  8. declare sub ::GetTitle      alias "sbgettitle" lib "cio"
  9. declare sub ::SetTitle      alias "sbsettitle" lib "cio"
  10. declare sub ::break         alias "sbbreak"    lib "cio"
  11. declare sub ::nobreak       alias "sbnobreak"  lib "cio"
  13. declare sub ::SizeX         alias "sbscrx"     lib "cio"
  14. declare sub ::SizeY         alias "sbscry"     lib "cio"
  15. declare sub ::CursorX       alias "sbcurzx"     lib "cio"
  16. declare sub ::CursorY       alias "sbcury"     lib "cio"
  17. declare sub ::BufferSizeX   alias "sbsizx"     lib "cio"
  18. declare sub ::BufferSizeY   alias "sbsizy"     lib "cio"
  19. declare sub ::PossibleMaxX  alias "sbmaxx"     lib "cio"
  20. declare sub ::PossibleMaxY  alias "sbmaxy"     lib "cio"
  22. declare sub ::SetWindow     alias "sbsetcw"    lib "cio"
  23. declare sub ::SetCursor     alias "sbsetcur"   lib "cio"
  24. declare sub ::SetColor      alias "sbsetcol"   lib "cio"
  26. global Const FBlue      = 0x0001
  27. global Const FGreen     = 0x0002
  28. global Const FRed       = 0x0004
  29. global Const FIntense   = 0x0008
  30. global Const BBlue      = 0x0010
  31. global Const BGreen     = 0x0020
  32. global Const BRed       = 0x0040
  33. global Const BIntense   = 0x0080
  34. global Const FGrey      = 0x0007
  35. global Const FWhite     = 0x000F
  36. global Const BGrey      = 0x0070
  37. global Const BWhite     = 0x00F0
  39. declare sub ::Cls           alias "sbcls"      lib "cio"
  41. end module