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Installation Question
« on: July 22, 2010, 01:46:01 PM »

{quoting from the DOWNLOAD sub-topic but placing here to be on topic}

The following is the latest source. (as far as I'm aware of)

ScriptBasic Linux 2.1

Build Process
  • Uncompressed the archive. (creates a scriptbasic directory)
  • ./setup  (builds the complete ScriptBasic language from scratch) It's a good idea to remove the last bin directory that was previously created.
  • ./setup --install  (installs ScriptBasic and creates a default binary version of the configuration file)

I'm finally getting some play-space in my project schedule to get this installed in a project. I've been wanting to do this for just about a year. :)

I've run through the install/build  process under Ubuntu 8.10 and it's all good. I'm about to try pushing it through through a cross-compiler and was wondering if the Q&A from the --install phase could be bypassed and just "accept all defaults".



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Re: Installation Question
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