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Compiling ScriptBasic 2.1.0 on a modern Linux

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I finally got what I thought was a clean compile and install of scribasic 2.1.0. However, I'm seeing this when executing the example programs. Is 2.2.0 less buggy?

spike examples # scriba array.bas
array.bas(1): error &H77:syntax error during checking the line and also noting that the syntax error so serious that none of the other syntax defintions can match the current line

Please post the code to array.bas.

I'll be happy to take a peek and see what might be the problem.

--- Quote ---Is 2.2.0 less buggy
--- End quote ---

Script BASIC has been production stable for over 10 years with no known bugs. I think you should look closer at your code.

FYI: Script BASIC will not execute faulty syntax/code and returns an error code instead.

To save server storage space. The source code you request in in the examples directory.  Is there a download link for the 2.2 sources somewhere?



The array.bas example that I inherited with the 2.1 release from Peter Verhas seems to work as intended under Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit. I added a couple newlines for clarity.

--- Code: Script BASIC ---a[5,3]=4c = a[5]print a[5,3],"\n",c,"\n" 

jrs@laptop:~/sb/source/examples$ scriba array.bas

Something more fun.

--- Code: Script BASIC --- a[1000000,1]="one"a[1000000,2]="two"a[1000000,3]="three" REF b = a[1000000] PRINT "Simple as ",b[1],", ",b[2],", ",b[3],". (million)\n" b[1] = 1b[2] = 2b[3] = 3 PRINT a[1000000,1] + a[1000000,2] + a[1000000,3],"\n" 

jrs@laptop:~/sb/sb22/test$ time scriba
Simple as one, two, three. (million)

real   0m0.004s
user   0m0.004s
sys   0m0.000s

Well. I guess at this juncture it's time for me to move on. Thank for the help and the 2.2 sources. 
Good bye. 


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