2.16.46. file_CreateProcess

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@c Run a new program

This function creates a new process using the argument as command line. The function does NOT wait the new process to be finished but returns the pid of the new process.

If the new process can not be started the return value is zero.

The success of the new process however can not be determined by the return value. On UNIX this value is generated by the fork system call and it still may fail to replace the executeable image calling exevp. By that time the new program creation is already in the newprocess and is not able to send back any error information to the caller.

The caller of this function should also check other outputs of the created process that of the pid is returned. For example if the execv call failed the process exit code is 1. This is usually an error information of a process.

long file_CreateProcess(char *pszCommandLine

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