2.16.47. file_CreateProcessEx

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@c Run a new program and wait for it

This function starts a new process and starts to wait for the process. The caller can specify a timeout period in seconds until the function waits.

When the process terminates or the timeout period is over the function returns.

int file_CreateProcessEx(char *pszCommandLine,
                          long lTimeOut,
                          unsigned long *plPid,
                          unsigned long *plExitCode

The return value indicates the success of the execution of the new process:

Note that the behaviour of this function is slightly different on Windows NT and on UNIX. On Windows NT the function will return FILESYSE_NOTSTARTED when the new process can not be started. Under UNIX the process performs a fork() and then an execv. The fork() does not return an error value. When the execvp fails it is already in the new process and can not return an error code. It exists using the exit code 1. This may not be distinguished from the program started and returning an exit code 1.

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