3.5. Configuration file location under Windows NT

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Win32 installation first tries to open the file `scriba.conf' if it exists in the same directory as the executable file. This is a convenient place to store the configuration file and does not require registry editing to install ScriptBasic. This is also the ultimate place for CD ROM products utilizing ScriptBasic that need running instantaneously without any installation.

If the file `scriba.conf' does not exist in the directory of the executable the configuration manager tries to open the file, which is specified in the string value, named config under the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ScriptBasic. If there is no name specified in this registry value ScriptBasic tries to locate the configuration file `scriba.ini' in the system directory. The system directory is determined reading the environment variable windir. If this environment variable does not exits ScriptBasic tries systemroot. It should usually exist on normal Windows installation. If ScriptBasic can not find even this environment variable it tries `C:\WINDOWS' as final try. If no configuration file can be found ScriptBasic tries to execute the program without configuration information.

Note that if for example `C:\WINNT\scriba.ini' exists and is valid, but the registry defines a different and a non-existent or invalid file ScriptBasic will fail to load the configuration file. It will try to read the file specified in the registry. The other file options are searched when the registry key does not exist or is empty.

If the command line uses the option `-f' then the argument of the option is used as configuration file and this overrides all configuration search algorithm. If the file specified in the option `-f' does not exists then ScriptBasic runs without configuration.

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