3.6. Configuration file location under UNIX

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UNIX installations try to locate the configuration file from the environment variable SCRIBACONF. This environment variable should contain the configuration file name. If this environment variable does not exist ScriptBasic tries to load the configuration data from the file `/etc/scriba/basic.conf'.

Note that if the file defined in the environment variable SCRIBACONF is non-existent or is invalid ScriptBasic does not try to load the configuration from the default configuration file.

If you can not configure ScriptBasic configuration file name using environment variables or the system registry under Windows NT you can modify the source file `scriba.c'. You have to alter the function scriba_LoadConfiguration.

If the command line uses the option `-f' then the argument of the option is used as configuration file and this overrides all configuration search algorithm. If the file specified in the option `-f' does not exists then ScriptBasic runs without configuration.

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